by William Gaunitz
Founder of Evolution Hair Centers
I have reviewed numerous handheld lasers on the market.  After seeing thousands of clients come through the Evolution (formerly Gaunitz) clinics, I did not see any handheld unit besides the Erchonia THL-1 Laser that actually worked well enough to carry in our clinics.

Most commercially available handheld lasers only use 5 - 9 unfocused diffuse light diodes. This simply means that there would not be enough energy available to create a notable difference in most hair loss situations. Different hair types require different levels of energy to see results. Dark to black hair usually can only tolerate 30 diodes of 635nm (3.5-5mW) energy at 2 x per week before overstimulation. Light to blond hair can tolerate almost double that at 61 diodes of the same energy 2 x per week.

Overstimulation can occur in anyone who has received too much laser treatment for their particular situation. Overstimulation can cause a stalling of hair growth (slow growth), scalp pain, and in many cases rapid shedding of hair in the treated area. It is very important to use the correct dosage of energy for every individual in the correct intervals.

With that being said, it is also very important to get enough laser energy to ensure proper hair growth. For a diffuse light diode handheld device to really create a positive impact on the average hair loss case, the laser device would need to at least contain 15 diffuse light diodes. You must also note that not all diodes are created equal as well. You must have a quality built device to maintain adequate and sustained power supply to each diode to ensure a quality dose of energy.

There is only one device that I have found currently available that fits these criteria. This device is the Spencer Forrest X5 Laser. The Spencer Forrest has been well thought out, is reliable, and has shown actual clinical evidence in the Evolution Clinics of producing enough energy to improve hair growth in most hair loss cases. The X5 is also currently going through FDA clinical trials to receive a 510K market clearance for the promotion of new hair growth.

It is of my opinion that the X5 Laser is by far the greatest value against competitive units at a price point of $299.00. Sunetics makes a 15 diode paddle brush laser selling at $795.00 that did perform well in an Evolution Clinical review, but had other flaws. The Sunetics unit consistently lost its battery cover during regular use and the rechargeable battery failed in many instances. Dealing with Sunetics customer service department was an issue as well. It took over 6 weeks to have one of their units repaired.

The Spencer Forrest laser at treatment protocol of 15 minutes 3 times weekly produced good results for dark hair. For light hair and blonds 20 minutes 3 times weekly was the most effective protocol. Evolution Hair Centers now carries the Spencer Forrest X5 Laser with or without a complete Evolution Hair Centers treatment program. If you are interesting purchasing an X5 Laser, browse the stores.hairgrowthcenters.com to purchase the device at the greatest value on the web. Every X5 laser comes with a FREE set of Gaunitz Hair Sciences topical scalp serums (a $79.90 value).

For more information on the X5 Laser of Evolution Hair Centers homecare programs, call 480-222-HAIR(4247) and speak with Robert Beale for a confidential phone consultation.

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