Minoxidil Once Daily Topicals to enhance Laser Hair Therapy
Laser Hair Therapy can be greatly enhanced with use of 5% Minoxidil compounded with natural topical anti-inflammatories. learn more

Due to Minoxidil’s vasodilatation properties, it is perfect enhancement to Low Level Laser Therapy. Minoxidil is responsible for expanding and reinforcing blood vessels and capillaries that feed the hair follicle. When elevated blood nutrients levels feed the scalp, the effected hair follicles are forced into the growth phase leading to longer thicker hair growth. This will create a minor increase in hair density and will act as a substantially better starting point for laser hair therapy treatments.

When the hair follicle is already in the growth phase, laser hair therapy will able to add its benefits on top of the benefits from Minoxidil. This actually creates a multiplying effect to each product so that you can get 4 times the result of using laser or Minoxidil alone.

Low level laser therapy for hair growth also increases blood flow to the scalp and accelerates cell regeneration. When used in conjunction with Minoxidil, these actions strengthen the entire vascular system of the scalp. Capillaries are expanded with use of Minoxidil and are strengthened and expanded further from use of laser hair therapy.

Other topical ingredients can further enhance treatment for male and female pattern hair loss suffers. These following ingredients can improve results by another multiplier by addressing other reasons for hair loss (i.e. DHT and inflammation caused irregular sebum production).

Azelaic Acid-is useful as a hair growth stimulant. A research report by Stamatiadis in 1988 suggested that azelaic acid (and combinations of it, with zinc ion and vitamin B6) was a strong DHT inhibitor. Di-hydro-testosterone or DHT has been found to be the cause of male and female pattern hair loss.

Retinoic Acid- also called tretinoin, is the acidified form of vitamin A. Retinoic acid is used to remove fine skin wrinkles and roughness. It works as a natural chemical peel, enabling better penetration of Minoxidil into the scalp and speeding the cell regeneration process.

Caffeinated Green Tea Extract- Green tea contains high levels of substances called catechin polyphenols, known to possess strong antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, antitumorigenic, and even antibiotic properties. Recent study results have found that caffeine in topical application can help to regulate the effects of testosterone levels on hair growth. [1]

Licorice Root Extract- Licorice is used to treat general skin problems. It is known to be healing and soothing to dry and irritated skin. It is particularly used as facial oil for acne to expedite healing. Licorice root is also another herb that prevents hair loss and further damage to the hair.

B5- is the only vitamin (Vitamin B5) known to penetrate the hair shaft. It has historically been used to build healthy follicles and reduce graying.

B6- has been shown to be helpful in reducing inflammation and regulating sebaceous glands in the skin. B5 is widely used in treatments for scalp disorders including eczema and seborrheic dermatitis

Aloe- Aloe Vera Gel is rich in mucupolysaccharides which provide a natural and anti-inflammatory effect.

Gaunitz Hair Sciences PM and PMb Topical Formulas are FDA approved to regrow hair have been specially formulated to enhance Low Level Laser Therapy. GHS has packaged the above ingredients into two different formulas that are to be alternated nightly. With once daily applications of Gaunitz Hair Sciences PM or PMb formulas, you greatly enhance the benefit of laser hair therapy treatments. learn more

1. http://www.cosmeticsdesign.com/Formulation-Science/Study-claims-caffeine-slows-baldness

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